Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Joy

Last year at Easter, I was very close to delivery. In fact, I had a very clear indication on Easter morning that labor was on the horizon. (I'll spare you the details) As we drove to church that morning, I wondered if I'd go into labor during mass. Thankfully, labor was close...but not that close.

That afternoon, we gathered for dinner with family. My sister began talking about a film she'd recently seen called Monica and David, about a married couple with Down Syndrome. It wasn't the first time she'd mentioned the film or told me I had to see it. So we got to talking about it, then I recalled the year in college where I'd volunteered with Best Buddies, an organization that pairs people up with adults with mental disabilities. I lamented the fact that the organizer of the group was paired with the bubbly young adult with Down Syndrome, while I was matched the portly older man who turned away from me whenever I spoke to him. I wanted to be matched with the person with Down Syndrome.

A few short days later, I got my wish. I gave birth to Julia. 
And now, a year later, she is my Easter joy. 

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  1. good story! I forgot you were involved in Best Buddies!! So happy you have found your sweet little best buddy....not portly in the least :)