Our first blog post pretty much sums it up: 

Maybe you're thinking "Is this going to be another one of those blogs where parents post about how wonderful their kid is ad nauseum?" Well...yes and no. Ordinarily, I would be opposed to blogging exclusively about my children, lest they grow up to view themselves as the center of the universe. I mean, I'll post photos to FB every now and then, or share a funny quote from a toddler, but a blog dedicated to one of my children...that seems a bit over the top.

That is, until you consider the fact that one of my children is an endangered species. (Wait, is this one of those weird inter-species blogs?) No, my child is not some sea turtle off the shores of Costa Rica. My child has Down Syndrome, and 90% of pregnant women who find they are carrying a child with Down Syndrome choose to end the pregnancy. In other words, only ten percent of children like Julia ever get to see the light of day. I find this statistic to be devastating. Clearly, a bleak picture of life with Down Syndrome has been painted for these women. I want to paint a different picture. I want to share the joy of Julia.

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